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Aerohippus Equine Inhaler

Picture of Aerohippus Equine Inhaler
Aerohippus Equine Inhaler. For giving horses medication


Battles Udder Cream 400g

Picture of Battles Udder Cream   400g
Battles original udder cream.


Equine Haler Kruuse

Picture of Equine Haler Kruuse
A prescribed inhaler for horses with inflammatory respiratory diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


Equi-salve 500gm

Picture of Equi-salve  500gm
Equi-salve (Vetplus) used for mud fever and sweet itch in horses. Antibacterial properties and fly repellent.


Keratex Hoof Hardener 250ml

Picture of Keratex Hoof Hardener 250ml
Keratex Hoof Hardener is scientifically proven to strengthen and protect shod and unshod hooves, to restore soundness after sensitive soles and to prevent existing cracks from laddering up or across the hooves


Keratex Hoof Putty 200g

Picture of Keratex Hoof Putty  200g
An easily applied soft filler for excision cavities in the sole following the removal of abscesses and for separation cavities under the hoof wall.


Lambing Rope - Double Looped - Soft Braided - Blue

Picture of Lambing Rope - Double Looped - Soft Braided - Blue
Lambing Rope - Double Looped - Soft Braided - Blue


Nose Twitch Metal

Picture of Nose Twitch Metal
Horse metal Nose Twitch restraint for horses


summer fly cream 400gr

Picture of summer fly cream 400gr
A bright yellow soothing fly repellant cream


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